The Powertech Team

Powertech is home to a broad range of scientists, engineers, and technical specialists, with capabilities in electrical testing, cable condition assessment, mechanical and materials engineering, software development, power system studies, chemical analysis, gas systems engineering, and smart utility services. These skilled researchers have decades of collective and real-world experience and often work in cross-departmental teams to investigate, diagnose and solve complex problems. 

President and CEO

Pierre Poulain is the President and CEO of Powertech Labs Inc., a subsidiary of BC Hydro, which provides performance testing, engineering studies, Hydrogen technologies and testing, and modeling for the electric utility, clean energy, and industrial sectors. He has held senior positions in the technology, energy, and transportation industries, including at Vard Electro AS, Ultra Maritime, Fleetway (Irving), and MAN Energy Solutions. He is a veteran who served in the Royal Canadian Navy as a Marine and Combat Systems Engineer and Naval Officer. Pierre has a deep understanding of the knowledge-based economy, with a focus on electrification and decarbonization, and is actively involved in industry events. He holds an MBA from Saint Mary’s University, a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Dalhousie University, and a Marine Engineering Diploma from l’Institut Maritime du Quebec. Pierre is fluent in both French and English and is an active member of the community.