Powertech Labs Inc. will demonstrate respect for the environment by managing our operations in a manner that continuously minimizes pollution, waste and consumption of resources across the life cycle of materials, products, and services. Powertech is committed to meeting or exceeding its compliance obligations. We will work to continually improve our environmental management system to enhance our environmental performance. We will conduct business with full transparency by sharing our environmental plans and performance with all interested parties.

This policy is not a substitute for sound judgment. All staff are responsible for implementing this policy as it pertains to their roles and encouraged to constructively challenge actions that may have adverse impacts on the environment.

ISO 14001:2015

Powertech’s environmental management system is registered to ISO 14001. The registration covers the activities of research, design, development, testing and consulting services.

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If you have any questions related to Powertech’s Environmental Management System, our Environmental Targets or our Environmental Performance, please contact our Director, HSEQ Accreditation & Compliance, Madhvi Ramnial.


Powertech is a proud member of the Environmental Manager’s Association (EMA) of BC. Membership of the EMA of BC helps us to collaborate with environmental professionals across a range of industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. We share knowledge and experiences of best environmental management practices and ensure Powertech effectively anticipates and responds to emerging environmental regulation



Director, HSEQ Accreditation & Compliance

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AMEETA PARMAR – B. Tech. (Env.), Dipl. T.
Environmental Technical Specialist
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