Mechanical Lab

Powertech’s Mechanical Lab has extensive experience in many areas of mechanical testing – from research and development to consulting and failure analysis

Areas of Focus

The lab works closely with clients in the electric utility, automotive, electronics, and other industries to verify the performance of prototypes in advance of product release and also conduct failure analyses when problems arise.

Tests are conducted to evaluate the performance of a wide variety of materials, components, and systems, including testing for vibration/shock, environmental, combined vibration and environmental (HALT/HASS), tension, compression, and impact, to simulate in-service conditions or other specifications. Tests are typically conducted according to industry standards set by ANSI, ASTM, CEA, CSA, DNV, IEC, IEEE, ISO, and others. Custom, non-standard tests are a specialty.

On-site mechanical field investigations of equipment and structures such as hydroelectric installations, rotating machinery, and bridges are also available. With its long history in the industry, the Mechanical Technology and Testing Group can utilize its R&D skills to help clients determine what tests to conduct and, if necessary, to develop new advanced test methods.

The Mechanical Lab also conducts integrated test programs through collaboration with Powertech’s in-house High Voltage, High Current, High Power, Materials Solutions, and Asset Management Labs.


Vibration and Shock

  • Unholtz-Dickie Electro-Dynamic vibration table
  • Ling Dynamics Electro-Dynamic vibration table


  • Envirotronics environmental chamber
  • Custom walk-in environmental chamber

Tensile, Compression, Fatigue, Impact and Structural

  • Tinius Olsen test frame
  • Satec impact tester
  • Instron Servo hydraulic dynamic testing equipment
  • MTS Criterion electromechanical test equipment
  • Long bed tensile load frame
  • Floor anchor pads

Develop and demonstrate new, advanced test methods

Branded Solutions:
– Pole-top Transformer Oil Sampling (PCB)

Seismic Testing Services:
Seismic testing and analysis on:
– Line structures (towers, poles)- Substation equipment- Generation equipment (incl. nuclear)

Vibration Testing Services:
Vibration and shock—vibration testing up to 13,500 lbf; shock testing up to 118 g

In-house vibration, shock and impact testing on:
– Consumer electronics
– Telecom electronics
– High pressure fuel systems

On-site vibration monitoring & strain gauging:
– Energized cables
– Trains/vehicles/boats
– Bridges/structures

Conductor Testing:
– Stress strain
– Creep test
– Resistivity test
– Welded joint tensile test

Mechanical Loading Testing Services:
Tensile testing—tension testing up to 440,000 lbf; fatigue testing up to 55,000 lbf

– Tensile/compression/fatigue/fracture/bending/impact toughness test
– Mechanical testing of energized cables (bending, tension, torsional test)
– Full scale structure testing
– Wood pole testing and evaluation
– Current cycle testing

Environmental/Thermal Testing Services:
Environmental—thermal cycling with humidity; combined vibration/environmental testing.

Thermal and humidity testing on:
– Insulators
– Conductors
– Dampers
– Cross-arms
– Cables
– Electrical connectors
– Anchor rods and guy wires
– Transmission line hardware
– Distribution line hardware
– Consumer electronics
– Telecom electronics
– High pressure fuel systems

Accelerated Life Testing Services:

– HALT & HASS testing
– Combined thermal and mechanical shock testing (HALT / HASS)

Condition Assessment Services:
– Insulators
– Poles
– Transformers
– Cables

Transmission Line Monitoring

Custom designed or nonstandard testing

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