Tensile and Bend Test Services

The Mechanical Services department at Powertech Labs has four universal test frames used to conduct standard and custom tensile, compression, bend, and cyclic loading tests. Due to the large variety of test frames, Powertech is uniquely suited to provide testing with custom setups and load profiles designed with you, the customer, in order to meet your needs for each individual product. 

The Mechanical Test Lab provides a wide range of testing from sub-size ASTM E8 specimens to 55ft length overhead conductor samples, ranging from a 100kN (22,500lbf) max load servo-electric MTS test frame, to a 2225kN (500,000lbf) max load custom built hydraulic test frame.

Our highly versatile test equipment can also be used in conjunction with custom test cells, ovens, and high voltage equipment, allowing for tensile and cyclic testing under specific temperature conditions, under pressure with hydrogen gas, or under electrical load. 

Typical Tests: 

Tensile and Bend Tests include the following, but are not limited to:

  • ASTM E8 Tensile tests on full and sub-size specimens 
  • CSA G30.18:21 Rebar Tensile and Bend Tests 
  • ASME B30.20 Proof Load Tests 
  • ISO 898 Fastener Tension and Wedge Tension Tests 

Insulator Testing:

  • ANSI C29.1, ANSI C29.2A and ANSI C29.2B Insulator Electromechanical (M&E) Test
  • IEC 60383-1 Insulator Electromechanical (M&E) Test
  • CSA C411.1 Insulator Electromechanical (M&E) Test

 Conductor Testing:

  • IEC 61089:1991 “Round wire concentric lay overhead electrical stranded conductors”, Annex B: “Stress-strain test method”
  • CAN/CSA C61089-11 “Round wire concentric lay overhead electrical stranded conductors”, Annex B: “Stress-strain test method”
  • DS/EN 50182-2001 “Conductors for overhead lines – Round wire concentric lay stranded conductors”, Annex C: “Stress-strain test method”
  • ASTM B1008-2018 “Standard Test Method for Stress-Strain Testing for Overhead Electrical Conductors”
  • IEC 61395: 1998 “Overhead electrical conductors- creep test procedures for stranded conductors

For more information contact:

Evan Waugh – 604.590.5088
Project Engineer, Mechanical Services
T&D Technology & Testing

Sara Tahermaram – 604.590.6661
Manager, Mechanical Services
T&D Technology & Testing