Environmental Testing

Powertech’s Mechanical Services perform environmental testing with two fully programmable temperature and humidity controlled environmental chambers. The capabilities of our facility allow us to test to a wide range of requirements for temperature, humidity, test specimen size and test standards.  

The Mechanical Lab’s largest chamber is a walk-in chamber to fit even the largest test specimens. The walk-in chamber has dimensions of 12.75 ft X 8.9 ft X 9.3 ft. It is capable of temperatures of –65oC to 85oC and has a relative humidity control of 10% to 95%.  

The second environmental chamber is capable of –73oC to 177oC, and has a relative humidity control 20% to 95% which can be coupled with our vibration tables for a combined thermal vibration testing.   

Both chambers allow for programmable temperature changes rates, with temperature ramp rates from 2oC to 4oC per minute.  

Typical Tests: 

  • Thermal and humidity testing 
  • Temperature accelerated aging 
  • Combined thermal and mechanical testing per IEC, ANS and CSA standards
  • Combined thermal and vibration (HALT & HASS) with vibration table 

Testing Codes and Standards: ABS, ANSI, CSA, IEC, IEEE, ISTA, MIL-STD, SAE

For more information contact:

Evan Waugh – 604.590.5088
Project Engineer, Mechanical Services
T&D Technology & Testing

Sara Tahermaram – 604.590.6661
Manager, Mechanical Services
T&D Technology & Testing