High Voltage Lab

Helping manufacturers and utilities address requirements for testing to ensure conformance with design specifications and national and international standards.

Areas of Focus

As the largest test lab on the west coast of North America, the lab is capable of conducting distribution- to transmission-level high-voltage tests on all types of equipment, including transformers, insulators, switchgear, bushings, cables and accessories, instrument transformers, transmission line hardware, surge arrestors, SF6 insulated equipment, generators, insulated aerial lift devices, and transformer rectifier units (TRUs).

The lab’s independent, third-party status and experienced and knowledgeable technical staff of more than 30 years enhance the credibility of manufacturers’ test reports.

The lab offers a full range of qualification and certification tests, as well as custom testing solutions. Condition assessment tests may be performed in the field or in the lab to evaluate the equipment condition. The lab also has a long history of conducting forensic analysis investigations to identify the cause of failures and providing expert witness services.

Facilities comprise an indoor lab, clean fog pollution test chamber, salt fog pollution test chamber, two-acre outdoor test area, and a 500-kV 180 m Inverted Delta transmission line.


  • Forensic analysis

    Expert witness

  • Remote witnessing

  • Research

    Condition assessment
    – Transformers
  • – Instrument transformers
  • – Insulators (porcelain, glass, polymer)
  • – Combined electrical and mechanical
  • – Bushings
  • – Capacitors
  • – Switchgear
  • – Surge Arrestors
  • – Cables and accessories
  • – SF6 insulated equipment
  • – Generators
  • – Transmission Line hardware
  • – Insulated aerial devices
  • – Transformer rectifier units (TRUs)

    Field Testing
    – Dielectric

    Type / qualification testing
    – AC and DC voltage withstand and flashover
  • – Lightning impulse
  • – Switching impulse
  • – Radio Influence voltage (RIV)
  • – Partial discharge and visual corona
  • – Tracking and erosion wheel and fog chamber
  • – Salt fog and clean fog pollution
  • – Capacitance and tan delta (dielectric losses)
  • – Induced testing
  • – Cables

Main test equipment

  • AC test equipment—1600 kV resonant test set, 5.0 A for testing in lab or field
  • High-voltage VFRTS (Variable Frequency Resonance Test Set)—90 kV, 34 A-portable
  • Impulse voltage test equipment—3.2 MV, 225 kJ impulse generator
  • 3 Phase Generator—60 Hz, 5 MVA and 300 Hz, 1 MVA
  • DC voltage test equipment—1000 kV, 10 mA
  • Insulation tracking wheels (dip and spray wheels) and fog chambers—1,000 hours
  • Partial discharge test equipment

High voltage testing capabilities

  • High voltage AC – 1600 kV
  • High voltage DC – 1000 kV
  • Impulse testing – 3200 kV
  • 3 phase AC feeder – 12 kV
  • 3 phase generator – 60 Hz, 5 MVA; 300 Hz, 1 MVA
  • Dry and wet AC and DC voltage withstand and flashover
  • Lightning impulse voltage withstand and flashover
  • Switching impulse dry and wet voltage withstand and flashover
  • Radio influence voltage (RIV)
  • Partial discharge and visual corona
  • Tracking and erosion wheel and fog chamber
  • Salt fog and clean fog pollution
  • Dielectric testing—capacitance and tan delta
  • Induced testing


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