Power Systems Studies

Powertech specializes in generator testing and model validation for various types of generating units, ranging from small diesel generator sets to large combined-cycle, coal-fired and nuclear generating units, as well as wind and solar farms.

Areas of Focus

Powertech engineers utilize DSATools™, the widely acclaimed state-of-the-art software suite developed exclusively by Powertech and incorporating leading-edge technologies for off-line and on-line dynamic security assessment. Their up-to-date and real-world experience in performing power system consulting studies worldwide also aids the software team in constantly improving our software tools to address new technical challenges as they emerge.

Powertech is renowned for its expertise in research on application of new technologies for electric utilities and research organizations, and development of advanced power system analysis tools, measurement techniques, and dynamic models.


  • Comprehensive stability assessment
  • Evaluation of transfer capability and security limits
  • Post-mortem analysis of system disturbances
  • Frequency control assessment
  • Development and assessment of system design alternatives
  • IPP integration and load interconnection studies
  • Control system design and analysis
  • Load characteristic measurement and model development
  • Generator parameter measurement and modelling


  • Power systems studies
  • Field testing and modeling of power equipment
  • Technical training



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