NERC PRC Compliance

Powertech Labs, a global leader in grid compliance solutions, can assist generation and transmission owners, and reliability planning coordinators, in meeting the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Protection and Control (PRC) standards PRC-006, PRC-019, PRC-024.

Powertech engineers specialize in grid compliance assessment studies, field testing, and reporting. We understand the need of generation and transmission facility owners or operators to maximize production without compromise system security while maintaining compliance. Powertech is committed to helping our clients meet the NERC compliance standards and other regional requirements that are constantly monitored and enforced.

PRC-006-2: Evaluation of Automatic Under-Frequency Load Shedding (UFLS)

This standard is to help transmission system operators, owners or grid reliability planning coordinators to evaluate their existing UFLS schemes and recommend setting changes, if necessary, to arrest declining frequency, assist recovery of grid frequency following under-frequency events or in islanding conditions. Scenarios with up to 25% of generation and load imbalance are typically evaluated with governor controls, generator over- and under-frequency tripping and equipment Volts per Hertz (V/Hz) protections fully modelled.

PRC-019-2: Coordination of Generator or Plant Capabilities, Voltage Controls, and Protection

This standard ensures the generator protection system is well coordinated with excitation controller settings, equipment capability, and other limiting devices. Powertech engineers review the protection settings, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) settings based on the unit and plant operating conditions, recommend setting changes if necessary, and prepare all reporting documents to meet the compliance requirement.

PRC-024-2: Generator Frequency and Voltage Protective Relay Settings

This standard verifies that the generator and other related protective relays do not trip the unit for defined frequency and voltage excursions. Powertech engineers evaluate the protection settings and prepare all the reporting documents to meet the compliance requirement.

Grid Compliance Expertise

Powertech has provided grid compliance evaluation studies for many reliability planning coordinators and a large number of generating facilities including wind and solar power plants in the US, Canada and other countries. We have helped clients successfully comply with various standards required by NERC, regional reliability councils including ISOs and regulatory entities in many countries.

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