Impact Assessment Of Renewable Energy

Power generation from renewable energy has become an increasing portion of resources in many power systems. Most of these renewables have unique characteristics that are very different form conventional generation. Special models and analytical techniques are required to assess their impact on system reliability and security, and to ensure an acceptable performance level.

Powertech provides such technologies based on our DSATools software package and the dynamic security assessment approach implemented for many of our clients.

Powertech’s Solution to Impact Assessment of Renewable Energy Systems

Powertech’s DSATools software suite offers the following model and analysis features for the impact assessment of renewables.


  • Based on a user-defined modeling approach
  • A wide range of available models, including those for wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, etc.
  • Standard models such as those for wind turbines are built in and ready for use
  • Various relay and protection models

Security Monitoring

  • A full set of security criteria with customizable rules, such as low voltage performance criteria
  • Monitoring of security limits with user-defined power transfers
  • Regulatory requirements such as those set by NERC can be fully met

Application Modes

  • Off-line mode to evaluate planning options for various renewable integrations and related transmission system enhancement requirements.
  • On-line mode to monitor system security for real-time, forecast, and short-term look-ahead conditions.