Vibration Testing (including Seismic Testing)

Powertech’s Mechanical Services perform various vibration and shock testing including seismic tests to simulate the actual in-service environment in order to verify product reliability and endurance level. Detailed vibration analysis and monitoring will reveal valuable information for the manufacturers to identify any design weaknesses, and to improve the performance of their products.  

Mechanical Services offer the following vibration tests, but are not limited to: 

  • Random and sine sweep vibration test from 5Hz to 2000Hz 
  • Resonance search and dwell 
  • Sine on Random 
  • Combined thermal and vibration test 
  • Shock test (SRS) 
  • Seismic test from 0.5 Hz to 40 Hz

For more information contact:

Meaghan Ormrod – 604.590.7448
Project Engineer, Mechanical Services
T&D Technology & Testing

Sara Tahermaram – 604.590.6661
Manager, Mechanical Services
T&D Technology & Testing