Cathodic Protection Services – Power Transmission Structures

Powertech’s Asset Management Group offers comprehensive engineering solutions related to the assessment, design and monitoring of cathodic protection systems for the mitigation of corrosion on power transmission structure foundations.

A problem facing many transmission line systems in the aging and deterioration of their assets. The damage or failure of assets due to corrosion represents a significant risk to system operation, safety and reliability. The application of cathodic protection on buried assets has been proven to improve safety and reliability, reduce maintenance costs associated with repair or replacement of damaged or failed structures, and increase structure or system service life. Our materials engineers and technicians have been certified by the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP, formerly NACE) and have the skills and experience to provide testing, analysis, inspection, consulting and design services for the application of galvanic cathodic protection systems to ensure the safe and reliable operation of transmission line assets.

Services include:

  • Corrosion risk evaluation and prioritization of transmission line structures for use in work selection and maintenance planning. Data such as environmental, geospatial, structural and asset maintenance records are used as inputs for a corrosion risk assessment model to produce asset prioritization rankings. Environmental and geospatial data are obtained from publicly available sources.
  • Scoping and pre-design testing – various parameters required for the design stage, such as electrical current requirement, soil electrical resistivity and static/native structure-to-soil potential are measured and recorded. Site specific factors or conditions are observed and noted for design considerations.
  • CP system design services – Sacrificial Anode Cathodic Protection (SACP) systems provide corrosion protection and service life extension for new or existing transmission line assets. Design packages include specifications, procedures and detail drawings.
  • SACP system Quality Assurance and testing – On-site monitoring and observation for quality assurance during CP installation to ensure components are installed as per the specifications and design drawings. System functionality is confirmed by measurement of structure-to-soil potentials. Measured potentials are evaluated against criteria detailed in NACE Standard SP0169-2013 to determine whether cathodic protection has been achieved.

Asset Management Group

The Powertech Asset Management Group offers comprehensive solutions for utilities managing their aging assets, such as wood poles, conductors, insulators, steel towers, anchor systems and water and sanitary infrastructure. The offers include determination of asset remaining strength and life span, development of maintenance and risk-mitigation strategies, evaluation of inspection methods and techniques for condition assessment. Supported by experts across various disciplines of Powertech, the asset management work is usually conducted through in-situ NDT inspection and condition assessment, laboratorial testing, finite element analysis, serviceability analysis and risk and reliability evaluation.


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