AC Hipot Testing Services

Powertech’s Generation Electrical Services group provides AC Hipot Testing Services using a state of the art 50 kV, 500 kVA TSR system.

Over-voltage or high-potential tests, generally known as hipot tests, are performed to provide assurance that the stator winding insulation has a minimum level of dielectric strength to successfully endure the in-service electrical stresses. It is based on the principle that if the insulation can withstand a higher voltage for a short time (normally 1 min), then an in-service failure under the normal operating voltage would be unlikely.
The hipot test may be applied in the factory, during on-site commissioning, after major repairs, or as part of the maintenance program. With 500 kVA power, our Tank Series Resonant (TSR) test system can provide voltages up to
50 kV to ensure the generator windings or other electrical equipment have the required dielectric strength for a reliable service. In addition, a reliable external AC source is required for off-line diagnostic tests of stator windings. This system complements our generator condition assessment service by providing a PD free source for off-line PD measurement, corona probe, and corona scope tests.
In addition to generator windings this system can be used to test other capacitive objects such as power cables, bushings, capacitors, and conditioning and proof testing of SF6 gas insulated equipment, especially after installation in the field.

General Specifications

Input Rating480/600V, 50 kVA, 60 Hz
Output RatingsPower: 500 kVA
Tap1: 50 kV, 10 A
Tap2: 25 kV, 20 A
Load Tuning RangeTap 1: 0 nF – 500 nF
Tap 2: 60 nF – 2100 nF
Duty Cycle30 Min ON / 30 Min OFF
8X / 24hr Full Load
Partial Discharge Level2 pC at 50 kV
Design Q Factor10
Cabinet Dimensions (Access Panels Closed)Length: 3.51 m (139 inches)
Width: 2.52 m (99 inches)
Height: 2.27 m (90 inches)
System Weight16650 LB / 7552 kg

Generation Electrical Services

The Powertech Generation Electrical Services group is focused on large power generators, providing:

  • Condition assessment, failure analysis, and on-site diagnostic tests
  • Quality and acceptance testing of stator bars and coils for OEMs and asset owners
  • Testing and modelling of generator performance for NERC and WECC compliance

For more information contact:

Reza Soltani – 604.590.6648
Division Manager
Field Asset Services & Testing