Study Mode for On-line DSA

ST DSA Manager is an add-on module to DSA Manager that allows users to perform studies in an on-line DSA system. ST DSA Manager accepts analysis cases prepared by users manually or automatically by third-party tools (such as functions available in an energy management system (EMS)). Multiple cases submitted by multiple users can be processed concurrently with the available computations engines configured for the study mode.


  • Support for VSAT/TSAT integration with an EMS study system
  • Capability for accommodating any number of independent Study-Users\Study-Families profiles, each with its own unique scenario definition
  • Utilization of a “first-come-first-serve” queuing system for all submitted user studies
  • Support for processing up to 10 concurrent VSAT/TSAT study cases
  • Capability of triggering cases to be run for analysis through VSAT or TSAT or both
  • Use of separate levels of authentication to distinguish between Administrators and Study-Users