PFDB is a tool designed for assembling a series of powerflow base cases for a large region from data submitted by its members. The tool is currently being used in the annual effort of developing NERC/ERAG US/Canada Eastern Interconnection (EI) base powerflow cases.


  • Extraction and merging of powerflow data by control areas from different powerflow cases
  • Settlement of area interchanges and tie-lines in merged case
  • Check of powerflow data among whole series for specific model year
  • Comparison of powerflow cases
  • Check of powerflow cases for data errors according to NERC/ERAG/MMWG requirements, including:
    • Duplicate bus names
    • Bus, owner, zone out of range
    • Bus voltage out of range
    • Incorrect generator type code
    • Missing generator on generator bus
    • Unrealistic PMAX, PMIN, QMAX, and QMIN
    • Generator output out of range
    • Incorrect generation share
    • Generator step-up transformer tap setting out of range
    • Shunts with small control voltage bands
    • Shunts without block 1 steps
    • Inconsistent transformer data
    • High resistance branches
    • Branch rating errors
    • 3-winding transformer rating errors
    • Branch overloads