As the solid insulation in a power transformer degrades over time, water is formed, which accelerates the aging of the paper, increases oil degradation, and leads to poor oil quality. Electric utilities must find ways to reduce the level of moisture in transformer oil to avoid equipment failure, maintain optimal performance, and extend the lifetime of the equipment.

Oil Dehydration Service

Powertech Labs offers an online oil dehydration unit that removes moisture and particulate matter from oil in a transformer without requiring an equipment outage. The system is portable and equipped with two particle filters and a high-capacity moisture removal cartridge. The unit has been successfully demonstrated in several field deployments.

By processing and continually keeping the oil dry, the dehydration unit not only prevents the accumulation of moisture in the oil, but additionally allows moisture to diffuse out of the paper into the oil. This, in turn, dries out the paper, which extends the lifetime of the vital solid insulation.
Powertech also offers a bucket truck hydraulic oil dehydration unit, which restores the dielectric properties of the hydraulic oil in bucket trucks.

Advantages of Powertech’s Oil Dehydration Unit:

  • Operates online without taking the transformer out of service.
  • Costs significantly less than other methods.
  • Incorporates fail-safe features to ensure safe operation.
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Successful Demonstrations

Powertech’s dehydration unit has been successfully demonstrated at several BC Hydro facilities, including Kent substation, two BC Hydro generating stations, and numerous U.S. utility sites.

For more information contact:

John Owen – 706.897.1698
Business Development Director, USA