TSAT™ is a leading-edge time-domain simulation tool designed for comprehensive assessment of dynamic behavior of power systems. TSAT includes a rich model library, state-of-the-art solvers, useful analysis features, and a highly intuitive user interface. Like VSAT and SSAT, TSAT can be used to calculate transient security limits under specified criteria, contingencies, and transfer conditions.


  • Studies involving rotor angle, voltage, or frequency stability
  • Transmission system design and operation studies including transient security limit assessment
  • NERC compliancy studies (such as TPL, CIP, etc.)
  • IPP and renewable integration studies
  • Development and validation of system models
  • Design and setpoint determination of special protection systems
  • Control tuning and protection coordination
  • Streamlining of PMU data using the ePMU add-on module
  • Post-mortem analysis of incidents
  • On-line transient security assessment


  • Full nonlinear time-domain simulation engine with choice of numerical integration methods
  • Security assessment based on criteria for transient stability, damping, transient voltage/frequency, relay margins, and others
  • Comprehensive model library, including user-defined models, renewable generation models, special protection system models, and FACTS/HVDC models
  • Determination of 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional transient security limits
  • Capabilities for processing multiple contingencies, transfers, and study scenarios in single analysis session
  • Wide selection of contingency types and system quantities for monitoring
  • Post-simulation processing tools, such as stability index calculations, Prony analysis, etc.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface for data setup, program operation, and output analysis
  • Distributed computation for processing large number of contingencies and transfers
  • Compatibility with major third-party input data formats