T&D Overhead Asset Condition Assessment Services

Powertech works with utilities to systematically ensure that their physical assets can, and do, perform to prescribed reliability, safety and environmental standards. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities also assist equipment manufacturers through their product evaluation phase to achieve certification and speed market readiness.

Powertech’s services related to utility asset management include the following:
  • Reliability & Risk Assessment Service
    Involves dam safety analysis, structural reliability and transmission and distribution overhead structures using probabilistic methods for extreme events.
  • Corrosion and Protective Coating Service
    Involves inspecting, evaluating and specifying protective coating systems, managing corrosion and extending the life of T & D steel structures, generating facilities and other structures such as bridges and pipelines. We also provide specific services related to performance of overcoat systems as well as coating performance in salt water & splash zone environment. 
  • Condition–Based Serviceability and Life Extension of Lattice Tower and Pole Structures Service
    Involves quantification of extent of decay for wood structures and present condition of steel structures, assessing serviceability, making life extension decisions using structural reliability, and evaluating various remedial treatments for woodpoles.
  • Geo-technical and Concrete Engineering Service
    Involves providing cost-effective and timely solutions to complex geotechnical and concrete engineering problems associated with civil structures and assets. Types of service include structural and geo-technical numerical studies, thermal resistivity, laboratory and field testing, quality assurance and investigations.
  • Seismic Services
    Involve evaluating performance of Dams, Substation & Equipment, T&D Structures and Components under seismic loading, using numerical as well as experimental methods. This includes seismic withstand capability of equipments and its post-seismic electrical functionality.
  • Structural Testing and  Integrity Assessment Service
    Involves assessing fitness for service assessment of various Aging Transmission and Distribution Components, using classical strength as well as fracture mechanics techniques.
  • Least-Cost Risk-Based Asset Management Service
    For prioritization and implementation of optimal maintenance strategies. The service includes developing systematic approach in quantifying health of a utility component type across an entire system, assessing associated risk, and developing appropriate risk mitigation approaches.
  • Life-data Analysis Service
    Involves establishing present health of an asset and determining inspection strategy. 
  • Seepage Analysis & Dam Safety assessment Service
    Includes testing, condition assessment, evaluation and specification of repair material.
  • Finite Element Analysis Service
    Static and Dynamic performance of structure, component and overhead lines. Powertech has COSMOS, ADINA, Ansys, PLS-CADD and other in-house developed software. Powertech has relevant expertise to provide numerical analysis services related to Dams; Generating Equipment and Facilities; Transmission and Distribution structures; and Stations Equipment as part of any upgrading and/or investigative project.
  • Oil Containment Evaluation Service
    Includes field and laboratory testing of various systems and providing appropriate guidelines for designers.