Powertech’s laboratories provide testing of separable insulated connectors.

Separable insulated connectors are used in medium- to high-voltage electrical systems for attaching cables to equipment and joining cables together. They provide simple, inexpensive connection and switching to transformers, switchgears, and other equipment used in substation-to-underground electric distribution, renewable energy, rail, mining, oil and gas, and other industries. Separable insulated connectors are key elements in today’s rapid expansion of underground distribution systems.

Powertech provides testing of various types of separable insulated connectors, including:

  • Elbow
  • Bushing insert
  • Cable joint
  • Tee connector
  • Bushing well

Powertech’s laboratories and equipment for testing and evaluating separable insulated connectors include:

  • High Voltage Lab
  • High Power Lab
  • Thermal Testing Lab
  • Materials testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Environmental chamber
  • Weathering chamber
  • Powertech’s separable insulated connector testing services include:
  • AC and impulse withstand tests
  • Operating interface ac withstand tests
  • Partial discharge tests
  • Short-time tests
  • Switching tests
  • Fault-closure tests
  • Current-cycling tests
  • Shielding tests
  • Test point tests
  • Thermal cycle withstand tests
  • Bushing well stud torque withstand tests
  • Accelerated sealing life tests
  • Cable pull-out tests
  • Operating force tests
  • Operating eye tests
  • Failure analysis

Tests can be performed to national and international standards, including IEEE 386-2016 and IEEE 592-2018. Non-standard and R&D tests may also be performed.

Powertech engineers and technicians are experienced at conducting qualification tests and investigating equipment failures. Our team is skilled at designing tests to meet customer needs and available to provide expert consultation services.


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