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Dr. Madhvi Ramnial is an accomplished professional, currently serving as the Senior Director of Corporate Services and Business Operations at Powertech Labs. She holds a PhD in Chemistry and an MBA in Management of Technology, which equips her with a unique combination of technical expertise and strategic business acumen.

Dr. Ramnial’s career began at Powertech Labs as an NSERC post-doctoral fellow, where she led and participated in various research and development initiatives. Her focus areas included insulating fluids, equipment diagnostics, and condition assessment and monitoring, with a particular expertise in transformer life extension and estimations.

In her current role, Dr. Ramnial plays a pivotal part in overseeing corporate services and driving business operations. Her diverse skill set, extensive industry experience, and unwavering commitment to excellence contribute significantly to Powertech Labs’ success.

With a passion for delivering outstanding results and a deep understanding of the electric utility industry, Dr. Ramnial continues to make valuable contributions to the organization’s growth and success.

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Mr. Irfan Manzoor is the Occupational Safety & Health Specialist for the Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality department at Powertech Labs. In this role, Irfan is responsible for reviewing safety procedures for work activities conducted by employees and contractors to ensure adherence to internal standards and promote worker safety. Additionally, he implements Occupational Safety and Health risk assessments for all technical departments, and performs incident investigation and root cause analysis with follow-up on corrective and preventative actions.

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