OPF-RA is an add-on module for VSAT (Voltage Security Assessment Tool), a powerful tool for voltage stability analysis of power systems. It can help identify measures to alleviate thermal and voltage stability violations of a system under pre- and post-contingency conditions.

OPF-RA is fully integrated with VSAT, providing a user-friendly interface and seamless interaction with various VSAT models and data, as well as the relevant VSAT analysis options. The resulting powerflow case with the RA implemented can be directly opened by other DSATools™ modules for further studies.


  • Fully integrated with VSAT in terms of UI, input data compatibility and computation engine
  • Identification of remedial actions to resolve thermal and voltage stability violations
  • Complementary to the existing sensitivity-base RA method in VSAT
  • Capable of handling systems of very large size (up to 100,000 buses)
  • Robust and highly-efficient solver
  • Customizable optimization and solution parameters