Instrument Transformer Testing

Powertech’s laboratories provide testing of instrument transformers.

Instrument transformers provide a scaled down high voltage/current reading for metering, secondary control of circuitry, isolation of circuits and more applications.

Instrument transformers play an integral part in electrical circuits, from helping monitor power flow to providing important data during system switching configurations. Transformers can be tailored to a specific use and in turn need to be tested to a delegated set of standards to ensure reliable and accurate instrumentation is provided to the end user.

There are varying classes of accuracy and protection types depending on the situation required. Different classes can provide true accurate representation of voltage or current values during fault conditions on an electrical system.

Powertech provides testing of various types of instrument transformers of accuracy classes up to 0.1 (measuring) and up to 10P (protection), including:

  • Current transformers
  • Voltage transformers
  • Low power/optical transformers
  • Combined voltage and current transformers (upon inquiry)

Tests can be performed to national and international standards, including IEEE/ANSI C57.13, IEC/CSA 61869, C60044 and more. Non-standard and custom tests may also be performed.

Powertech laboratories and equipment for testing and evaluating instrument transformers include:

  • High Voltage Lab
  • High Power Lab
  • High Current Lab
  • Mechanical testing
  • Environmental chamber

Powertech’s Instrument transformer testing services include:

  • Type tests
  • Routine tests
  • Dielectric/Impulse/RIV/PD/DF & Cap tests
  • Temperature-rise/Winding temperature tests
  • Accuracy tests (measurement/protection)
  • FS, composite error & interturn-over voltage tests
  • Applied mechanical load tests
  • Short circuit tests
  • Failure analysis
  • Customized specific tests


Hamish Miller – 604.590.6611
Project Engineer, High Current Lab
Substations Technology & Testings

Jorge Hollman – 604.598.5113
Senior Manager, High Current Labs
Substation Technology & Testing