High Capacity Hydrogen Trailer

Reduces the cost of delivering hydrogen by 20%*

Cost-Effective | Safe | Scalable

With a capacity of 1,330 kg at 550 bar,  this is the highest capacity hydrogen trailer available and enables the lowest cost-per-kilogram for over-the-road transport. The trailer can travel up to 310 miles and remain a cost-effective option for moving hydrogen**.

This high-capacity hydrogen trailer can seamlessly integrate with existing refueling stations, hydrogen generation systems, or industrial facilities, and can be outfitted with a mobile refueling system – enabling direct cascade refueling of vehicles.

Every element of the trailer — the unmatched capacity, a fully automated control system, and fast fill and offload speeds — maximizes throughput, safety, and reliability, while minimizing operational costs.

Available in 25’, 30’, and 45’ chassis length to suit your specific needs (note that the shorter variants reduce overall capacity to 603 kg – 616 kg).


  • Reduces cost to distribute hydrogen by 20%
  • 1,330 kg storage capacity at 550 bar
  • Extends range of cost-efficient, over-the-road transport to 310 miles
  • Seamlessly integrates into end-to-end hydrogen systems
  • Fill or decant in under 3 hours

* Savings may vary based on region and use case. For a given hydrogen refueling demand, less trailer journeys are required and this presents savings in both the capital and operational cost. Overall, this provides a 20% reduction in the cost of distributing hydrogen (on a levelized basis) compared to other products currently available.. **240-310 miles at a levelized transportation cost of less than or equal to $1.50 – $1.80/kg.

High Capacity Hydrogen Trailer

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