Mobile Refueler

Combination hydrogen dispenser & high-capacity trailer

Cost Effective | Safe | Scalable

With a refueling speed of up to 3.6 kg/min, which is doubled to 7.2 kg/min when paired with an external chiller, it can completely refill a hydrogen bus or truck in about 10 minutes*, leading the industry as a fast and safe solution for refueling hydrogen fleets. This solution cuts the estimated cost of investing in hydrogen delivery and dispensing by up to 50%.**

An electrically actuated control system and automated operations save time, increase productivity, and bolster operations efficiency, without the need for a fixed hydrogen refueling system.

This refueler supports a flexible, modular hydrogen system that scales easily with your needs (from a few vehicles to hundreds), without the required time and investment of permanent infrastructure. Whether you are readying your first hydrogen refueling solution or expanding existing systems, this mobile refueler is the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution available.


  • 35% – 50% more cost-efficient than refueling alternatives
  • Eliminates need for onsite compression, reducing potential downtime and energy costs
  • 3.6 kg/min vehicle refueling rate
  • Flexible and rapidly deployable
  • Onboard storage capacity of 1,330 kg at 550 bar
  • Automated system operations including vehicle fueling protocol and hydrogen hazard detection
  • Enables direct cascade refueling of vehicles
  • No external power or cooling necessary – eliminating expensive grid interconnects and civil works
  • Seamlessly integrates with hydrogen generation systems

* Based on 3.6 kg/min refueling speed and average tank size of 30-40kg.

**Levelized cost compared to standard fixed hydrogen refueling systems (approx. 50% savings) and alternative mobile refueling systems available (approx. 35% savings).

Mobile Refueler - Combination hydrogen dispenser and high-capacity trailer

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