Compressed Natural Gas Testing

Powertech provides compressed natural gas (CNG) testing services to all standards for CNG components and storage cylinders used in vehicles, transportation, and fueling station applications. Capabilities include extreme service conditions such as bonfire and gunfire penetration testing, as well as CNG gas cycle testing. The standards used in certification testing include UN ECE R110, ISO 11439, ANSI/CSA NGV2, NZS 5454, ANSI/CSA NGV3.1, etc.

Powertech is able to reduce the costs of prototype development by identifying the critical tests that will determine the ability of a design to successfully pass other tests required in a standard. This expertise comes from 30 years of CNG testing experience, and through participation in the development of CNG standards. Powertech is the Chair of the ISO 11439 standard for CNG cylinders, Chair of the ANSI/CSA NGV2 standard for NGV fuel containers, and Chair of the ANSI/NGV3.1 standard for NGV fuel system components.


Powertech has the capability to test high-pressure cylinders of all types to most EC/ECE, ANSI/CSA, KHK, ISO, SAE, and EN standards for all compressed natural gas applications.

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The Component Testing Lab tests high-pressure transportation components, including solenoid valves, regulators, pressure-relief devices, check valves, manual valves, nozzles, receptacles, hoses, fittings, and sensors.

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