Working Here

Exceptional people, exceptional values

At Powertech, we’re committed to helping exceptional people realize their potential as we reward them with opportunity and challenge. In addition to ensuring that safety is paramount, we value teamwork, accountability, integrity and service.

We provide our employees with meaningful work, responsive management, opportunities for advancement, and of course, a comprehensive rewards package based on a healthy life/work balance.

Wellness programs and resources

Powertech has a comprehensive Employee Wellness Program to support employees’ physical and mental health through: fitness room and facilities, employee activities such as soccer, volleyball, and health promotion. And when extra help is needed, we offer invaluable assistance and resources.

Support services include counseling, health coaching, legal and financial support, nutrition and naturopathic services, and family planning. Flexible work schedules and return-to-work programs are also available.

Career and professional development

Powertech fosters a learning environment that encourages and enables individuals to maximize their potential.

Employee benefits

We’re proud of our reputation as a company that provides excellent employee compensation and benefits programs, and we give employees the opportunity to shape their benefits plans to their individual needs.

We offer generous vacation and personal days, quality on-site amenities, disability income, life insurance, health and vision care, and dental benefits.

Retirement and financial benefits

We help employees prepare for retirement with liberal contributions to a defined benefit pension plan and a phased-in retirement work option that allows employees to gradually decrease their hours.