Powertech’s expertise with handling oil as well as our familiarity with environmental procedures and regulations makes us an ideally suited laboratory for analyzing waste petroleum products, along with paint and solvents.

Waste oils are analyzed in accordance with the British Columbia Hazardous Waste Regulation (HWR), which determines whether the material may be disposed of in the manufacture of pavement or by combustion as a fuel. Tests include:

  • Flash point (only required for the manufacture of pavement)
  • Total polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)
  • Heavy Metals (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, and zinc)
  • Total Organic Halogens (TOX) as Cl

Powertech also offers a wide variety of testing services for categorizing solid/liquid waste according to origin and method of disposal. Other tests include:

  • Component analysis using FT-IR
  • Heat content (oxygen bomb calorimeter)
  • Water content (by manual distillation or automated Karl Fischer titration)
  • Gas Chromatography with mass spectrometry detection (GC/MSD)
  • Ash content
  • Density
  • Solids content (gravimetry)