Protection & Control Applications

Protection & Control Applications

Powertech Substations Engineering Studies provides support to customers with Protection & Control Planning

Powertech conducts protection studies to offer the most optimal protection scheme options.  We develop reliable, secure, sensitive and cost-effective solutions to suit the application requirements of our customers.

A proper protection scheme is required to:

  • Detect abnormal power system conditions including but not limited to overcurrent/overload short circuits, over/under voltages, over/under frequency, out-of- synchronization, breaker failure and reverse power.
  • Prevent damage on equipment and negative impact to system performance due to prolonged system abnormal conditions.
  • Maximize system operability by isolating the faulty portion from the rest of the system,
  • Mitigate arc-flash incident energy by application of suitable techniques/methods without compromising the basic coordination between protective devices.
  • Communicate efficiently between protective devices 

Powertech services

Powertech Substations Engineering Studies offers development of full protection schemes for the following equipment applications:

  • Power Transformers Protections: differential, overcurrent/short circuits, over excitation, under/over voltage and restricted ground fault
  • Busbars: high/low impedance differential protection
  • Generators: voltage-controlled overcurrent, short circuits, thermal overload, over/under frequency, over/under voltage, over excitation, loss of field, generator unbalance, synchronism check, reverse power, differential and restricted ground faults
  • Switchgears: overcurrent/short circuits, under/over voltage, synchronism check and ground faults
  • Breaker Failure: design backup plan/scheme to clear the fault currents contributions to the faulty section should the immediate respective protective device fails to operate on the pre-defined time delay   
  • Power Line Protections: custom-designed line differential and distance protections
  • Series Capacitor Bank: sizing and selection of the series capacitor bank protection elements, including Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV), Triggered Air Gap (TAG), and Fast By-Pass Switch based on system characteristics.

Other Services

Our team can also perform the following protection related services:  

  • Protection & control philosophy writeups to outline the required protection schemes for projects that need optimization or determination of pickup and thresholds values
  • Preparation of logic diagrams to outline the prospective protection & control scheme applications implemented on the system
  • Real Time close-loop relay performance protection testing


Dr. Jorge Hollman – 604.831.5148
Senior Manager & Principal Engineer
Substations Engineering Studies