In-Service Transformer Decontamination Unit

Inter-changeable Cartridges for PCB Decontamination, Oil Purification, and Dehydration

  • CONTINUOUS ONLINE OPERATION to avoid system shutdown
  • REDUCE COSTS of contaminant removal and disposal while

Powertech offers on-line oil treatment technologies that restore oil quality without requiring equipment outages. These systems are attached directly to in-service equipment and operate by flowing the oil in a by-pass mode. The technologies are modular, and depending on the need, different cartridges can be installed on one unit for decontamination of specific contaminants. Application helps utilities maintain optimal transformer operation, while prolonging life.

  • Unique—only technology of its kind on the market
  • Multi-functional—selectively removes specific impurities, acids, PCBs, and moisture
  • Efficient—removal process is plug-and-play
  • Decontaminated to “as new” condition
  • Re-chargeable extraction cartridges
  • Reduces risk of handling and transporting oil
  • Safety features for leak detection and automatic shutdown
  • Units available for purchase or rental

—From Powertech’s Applied Chemistry Department, an industry leader in transformer research and development.

Please contact Powertech for details on purchase or rental for your transformers.