The key capabilities of Powertech’s Hydrogen Stations Department are its extensive expertise in the following areas of hydrogen technologies:

Design and fabrication of fueling stations

Powertech has the laboratory facilities and staff experience to design and build turnkey hydrogen fueling stations. Many station products—including dispensers, tube trailers, and mobile fuelers—are also designed and fabricated.

Fueling support for vehicle OEMs

Powertech’s experience with vehicle OEMs enables it to design stations to meet vehicle needs.

Codes and standards development

Through the participation of Powertech managers and staff in the activities of standards committees, the department is familiar with the latest protocols and the future direction of the industry.

Testing of fueling station components

Powertech’s hydrogen fueling and systems testing labs include capabilities for standardized protocol tests and custom component tests.

Safety studies and testing

In-house capabilities are available for safety testing, and Powertech was the first company in North America to get ETL National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2 certification for its station design.

Software development

Powertech has the capability for developing control software for hydrogen stations and test systems, and for developing databases for collecting fueling data from vehicles and stations.