Across the globe, airport communications are requiring upgrading due to rapid advancement of technology and customer needs.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and EUROCONTROL/SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) have identified that Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communications System (AeroMACS) will support the ever growing need for increased data communications and information sharing for ground-to-ground applications.

AeroMACS improves efficiency in Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Airline Operations Communications (AOC) on the airport surface. AeroMACS also offers the nextgen evolution beyond the frustrating hodgepodge that exists now. In long term, AeroMACS will greatly enhance airport traffic management and airport safety and security.
The deployment guidelines and regulatory requirement of using AeroMACS mandated by FAA and similar authorities necessitate all the devices to be certified by WiMAX forum AeroMACS designated certification laboratories.
AeroMACS Certification Service

To address the fast growing need for AeroMACS deployments, Powertech Labs is pleased to offer a new certification service. This service is available for product vendors and manufacturers to certify their Mobile/Base stations to meet standards developed by the WiMAX forum. Powertech Labs played an active role in developing the standards and is uniquely qualified to help product vendors.

Certification of your AeroMACS products will provide assurance to the Aviation authority, airport operators, airline carriers, aircraft owners, pilots and passengers that your AeroMACS product is compliant with the highest standards required for operation and meets interoperability requirements.

The service will:

  • Thoroughly test and validate WiMAX Forum member’s equipment (both Mobile station and Base station) for:
    • Radio Conformance Tests (RCT)
    • Protocol Conformance Tests (PCT)
    •  Interoperability Tests (IOT)
  • Analyze results using Powertech expertise and methodology complying with ISO17025 standard.
  • Provide a comprehensive test report to WiMAX Certification Body (WCB) and WiMAX Forum for certification.

Advantages of Powertech’s AeroMACS Certification Lab:

  • WiMAX Forum Designated Certification Laboratory (WFDCL)
  • ISO 17025 accredited lab (AeroMACS test suite accreditation in progress)
  • World-class RF equipment, software and automated test execution.
  • Experienced staff with years of experience in WiMAX testing.
  • Active contributions to WiMAX Aviation Working Group in defining the requirements and technology profiles that drive specifications and certifications.

For more information contact:
Eugene Crozier – 604.598.5022
Certification Lead, AeroMACS
Grid Modernization